You will find here a description of the different collaborative projects in progress:


PROGRAILIVE - 2016-2019

To safeguard and increase the production of PROtein GRAIn for LIVEstock

Project partners



INRA    Agrocampus Ouest  ESA  

Chambre d'agriculture de Bretagne  Chambre d'agriculture des Pays de Loire  GAB 85 GAB 56FRAB

Logo Vegenov    Fédération Régionale des Cuma

Time: 4 years

Budget: 3.7 M€


To secure and increase the production of peas, lupine and faba beans, the partners in the PROGRAILIVE project have decided collectively to:
  • Classify the critical points for deployment of these crops according to agricultural practices;
  • Unlock the use of these crops by experimenting and testing several solutions at experimental stations, farms and in schools to train the farmers of tomorrow;
  • Diagnose, understand and propose solutions to the issue of specific diseases in these crops;
  • Optimise the culture of lupine through weed control (study of interactions caused by the association of lupine with other plants);
  • Study and monitor pests and auxiliaries in pea, lupine and faba bean crops in mixed culture.


FEDERRégion Pays de la Loire





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AGROFILM (2014-2019)

To effectively and sustainably combat the biofilm formed by A. rhizogenes in tomato production greenhouses

Project Partners:

Logo Vegenov  Coordinator
Université de Bretagne Sud  Normandie Université   Université de Bretagne Occidentale  Adria developpement
Sica  UCPT   Savéol  Solarenn
CDDM  Caté  Terre d'essais

Time: 5 years

Budget: 1,1 M€


This French collaborative project aims at:

- Understanding how A. rhizogenes biofilm forms in production greenhouses irrigation systems;

- Finding and testing molecules that have anti-biofilm properties;

- Developing a strategie to treat and eliminate the biofilm formed by A. rhizogenes in greenhouse irrigation systems,

- Find molecules and other solutions (micro-organisms, etc.) with anti-biofilm properties in controlled conditions.


          Région Bretagne  Région Pays de Loire

 Comité Départemental du Finistère    Conseil Départemental Morbihan  Quimper Communauté


MilPomBio - 2015-2018

• Research and mastery of biocontrol products against potato blight

Project Partners:

Logo Vegenov     Coordinator

INRA     Arvalis    Bretagne Plants

Time: 3 years


• Faced with potato blight, responsible for a significant TFI for this crop, no biocontrol solution has yet been found for producers. The aim of this project is to provide producers with biocontrol products and a method of use, by association or with resistant varieties, to reach an acceptable level of symptoms for producers and consumers.





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